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MBA Application Resume Writing

Your MBA application resume is possibly the most referred single document during the admission process. Working in tandem with the MBA application essays, your resume can be a formidable tool in your admissions quest. The job-oriented resume that you have been updating throughout your professional life will prove inadequate while attempting to portray the varied, differing and additional areas of focus required in an MBA applications resume. Partner with Vibranture to create an MBA application focused resume that gains the attention of the Admissions Committee and makes them focus on what you want them to notice.

The basic principles of MBA Resume writing are:

Differently focused The career-oriented resume that you have been editing and updating throughout your professional life will prove inadequate while attempting to portray the varied, differing and additional areas of focused interest and achievement that you will need to convey to the b-school admissions committee. Keep this objective in mind and use 30%-50% of the resume for emphasizing your academics, community activities and hobbies, and give the professional section 50%-70% of the space unlike the 80%-95% you would otherwise.

Connected to essays Your entire application should tell one unified story with a few chosen themes. So, reemphasize specific strengths that you want the ad-com to notice in your MBA application resume. Your resume should support and accentuate the particular qualities/achievements that are highlighted in your application, especially in the essays.

Layman directed Eliminate industry-specific or technical jargon from your MBA resume. Even in a job-oriented resume or CV, a preponderance of tech jargon is unwelcome; but in an MBA resume (as in the essays) presenting to a lay audience is critical.

Theme ALL communication is about choosing the right themes and presenting them credible. Essays, biographies, resumes.. whatever. Write your MBA resume always bearing in mind that the resume reflects themes and achievements that will advance your candidature in the business school/s of your choice.

Substantiate Use the right examples (briefly!) to strengthen and substantiate your claims. Quantify whenever possible. Claims without numbers and/or supporting corroboration will lack value.

Brevity  Keep it short. The shorter it is the more it will be read. Even if if the b-school does not specify a maximum length, stick to a single page resume.

YOU It is about YOU; get that focus in every part of the resume.

Truth I have found that the main issue in not being truthful during the application process, is that the candidate's sincere lack of confidence in his own application shows through. Be honest.

Please read our ethics and services pages as well, before contacting us. If you identify with our perspectives, and are happy to pay a premium for a premium service, then maybe we should partner to sculpt a resume for you that you will be proud of. - Prince Peter


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