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Our ethics and policies are non-negotiable.

If you like and appreciate what follows, we might be able to build a mutually beneficial partnership.

If you feel that what follows does not match your value system or that it needs to be negotiated with, we courteously urge you to look elsewhere.

Integrity We seldom promise you the heaven and the earth, but what we promise, we deliver.

Negotiation We do not negotiate. Ethics. Standards. Policies. Prices. Timelines. Whatever. We do not negotiate.

Punctuality All our delivery times are guaranteed - in case of delay due to error or inaction from our side you will receive that service for free. Please value your commitments to time as much as we do ours.

Confidentiality Our privacy policy is unequivocal - no personal details revealed during the course of our service delivery will be shared with any outsider.

Samples It follows from our privacy policy that we do not display sample resumes for public viewing. We find this practice creepy; we are aware that there are several service providers who provide samples - we certainly do not and will not.

Please read our approach and services pages as well, before contacting us. If you identify with our perspectives, and are happy to pay a premium for a premium service, then maybe we should partner to sculpt a resume for you that you will be proud of. - Prince Peter


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