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Our Approach: our philosophy of resume writing

Final 1% Whether it is getting a job, snagging a deal, winning a date, running a marathon ..whatever.. in the final analysis whether you lose or win often depends on a thin margin of error. On a final 1% of effort and determination and excellence. We really (really) push ourselves - and really (really) push you - to give the best possible effort to achieve excellence every time.

Simplicity We have a simple approach. We try to convincingly connect to your aims with each section, sentence and word of the resume: that in essence is all we endeavor to do.

Pride We take pride in our work: and we want you to take pride in yours - and in your resume. The resume is your most important career document. It is often the only biography most of us ever get. Your resume is a chronicle of what we are, how we have performed, what our aspirations are and what our potential is. A good resume can fill you with pride while a bad one can make you cringe with embarrassment. You have many reasons to be proud - so be proud.

Value The power of a truly effective resume to persuade, guide and debate on your behalf is almost unmatched. In your absence - it speaks for you, explains your career, highlights your professional and personal strengths and markets you as the ideal person for the job. A good resume also supports you during the job interview. Your resume can do all this and more. We ensure that the resume we develop aids you throughout this process.

Discovery One of the advantages of working with Vibranturre is the interview session you have with Prince Peter - India's leading resume expert. This intensive and extensive discussion session to unearth your skills set, focus areas, professional (and other) achievements, academic background, personality traits and a multitude of other information is often a voyage of self discovery that alone might be worth the admission price.

Please read our ethics and services pages as well, before contacting us. If you identify with our perspectives, and are happy to pay a premium for a premium service, then maybe we should partner to sculpt a resume for you that you will be proud of. - Prince Peter


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