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Cover Letter      Cover Letter Writing Tips

The cover (or covering) letter is an integral part of your job application documentation as it introduces you and the context in which the resume is being sent to a prospective employer.

A clearly focused cover letter is an excellent tool to lay the ground for your job application and to express your expectations from the company at a very early stage. Apart from being a polite, short and informative introduction to your profile, the cover letter allows you to address an actual decision maker within your company of choice and establish a personal rapport with him or her. Your cover letter also permits you to bring a specific focus to your candidature in relation to the job and the company in question, especially as the letter can be less formal in structure and language than a resume. Do check out our tips on cover letter writing.

The cover letter writing service is only available along with the resume writing service. Following combined discussions for the resume and the cover letter, your brand new high power cover letter will be delivered to you 5 days hence along with your resume.

Tariff: Rs.10,000. Delivery: 5 days (together with the resume). Note: the cover letter writing service is only available in conjunction with the resume writing service. Please note that tariff for academic cover letters will be calculated per word as given in our mba essay writing + editing service.

Please read our ethics and services pages as well, before contacting us. If you identify with our perspectives, and are happy to pay a premium for a premium service, then maybe we should partner to sculpt a resume and cover letter for you that you will be proud of. - Prince Peter


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