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Executive Resume Writing : Rs.35,000

Exclusive bespoke resume writing for senior managers, C-level executives and aspiring captains of the industry. The resume creation process begins with a one-on-one telephone interaction with Prince Peter, India's leading resume expert. This session will help uncover your immense exposure and arsenal of skills. Together, we will craft a 1-2 page resume that convincingly portrays your ability to bring about organization-wide impact. The resume will help you compete for leadership with the best of the best, through a brilliant word portrait that highlights your skills, experience, knowledge and expertise, and underscores your differentiated profile with panache.


Cover Letter Writing : Rs.10,000

The cover (or covering) letter is an essential part of your job application as it introduces you, and the context in which the resume is being sent, to a prospective employer. A succinct, sharply focused cover letter is an excellent tool to highlight your key offerings and expectations at an early stage. This service is only available in conjunction with the resume writing service.

Resume Review : Rs.15,000

If you already possess a resume which you feel is above average, this 60-90 minutes session with India's premier resume expert, Prince Peter, will help you discover where your current resume scores and where it fails. The interaction will include a detailed critique of each section of your resume, personalized tips on improving your resume and a xx/100 score of your resume.


Process Just call us to initiate our partnership, make the payment and send us your current resume. We will schedule a discussion session with you to identify your goals, strengths, differentiation and achievements. The discussion usually takes 1-2 hours but can extend to 3-4 hours or more if required..


Delivery: 5 days  [Early Delivery: 25% of billing for each earlier day]                     MBA admissions oriented singe page resume : Rs.25,000

Please read our ethics and approach pages as well, before contacting us. If you identify with our perspectives, and are happy to pay a premium for a premium service, then maybe we should partner to sculpt a resume for you that you will be proud of. - Prince Peter


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